Sunday, July 25, 2010

be there when I feed the tree.

hey there. so to be honest, life as of late has been pretty darn spectacular. my cousin's up here from vegas staying at my grandparents house..who just happened to be away for the week. gongshow? yes please. to make things better, d-dubs has been up all week, so it's been even more of a party. lots of movie watching and late nights haha. btw. inception = greatest move I've ever seen in my entire existence. SO f-ing good it's not even comprehensible. and lastnight I went to a baseball game that marky mark was able to get tickets for. met some cool new characters (one of which is a very good looking lady). it was a good time. listened to some drunk girls scream nonsense all night..almost won a crazy game..found a pair of those plastic glasses with the big nose..PLUS! it had a mustache on it. even better. and next week I'm spose to go on a date with one of my best friends in the whole world. so I'm real excited about that..and I swear I had more to write about when I started this thing..guess not. oh well. enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fighting fire with fire wood.

right now, I'm sitting in my basement. listening to the foo fighters. in my boxers. and it's magical. what a good band these guys make. soooo many good songs. also. I'm done with the code names haha. there's just too many of 'em and I started forgetting who was what. so now I just won't use names at all. not that I've ever really got anyone to talk about anyways. but on another note. I'm super excited for christmas all of a sudden! I LOVE christmas. it's probably the best time of the year. and all the best games are coming out during the holiday season too. rockband 3 (one of the greatest games ever made), cod, and the new nba game. I'm gonna be wasting A LOT of time soon hahaha. also on another side note. I was recently told that a very dear friend of mine might move here! that's exciting. also. I need to start looking for a new job! and I just thought to myself that it seems really funny I'm writing all this stuff down when I'd bet no one actually reads this. but! in my defense..I'm just getting started and I don't really have anything juicy to write about yet. BUT. give it time. everything will make itself known haha. but! now I gotta bounce. it's time to clean the old room.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

as if to say, who does't like chocolate.

hello again. pet peeves. what are they? :a particular and often continual annoyance. here are some of my own..
1) people that put soap on their hands before getting them wet when they wash after using the bathroom (or any matter)
2) people that do not wash their hands at all after using the bathroom
3) people asking questions they already know the answer to
*side note. despicable me = a very good show. certainly one to see.
also..fears. I've got a few of 'em just like everyone else.
1) heights. TERRIFYING.
2) deep water. also TERRIFYING.
3) bridges that happen to be suspended over water. SUPREMELY TERRIFYING.
4) plexi-glass floors over water. also supremely terrifying.

anywho. I just thought I'd throw that out there for who knows what sort of reason.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

come join in the last hurrah

hey y'all. I'm pretty bored right about now..and it's dang cold in my basement! holy moly. I never know what to talk about on these things..any suggestions? how about. sports. it's complete bogus lebron ends up going to the heat. this is gonna be terrible for the league. no one's gonna go to cleveland games anymore. this will cause the league to lose money. though one can't really blame him. I mean..2 or 3 winning seasons of basketball with no ring to show for it is pretty depressing. all I know is Miami will be one tough nut to crack. they're gonna dominate for sure. oh well. business is business I suppose. that's life. I..bought some new threads yesterday. pretty cool...haha. not really. hot dang though. I need to start playing more basketball. I went last week and I forgot how gosh darn amazing it is. I LOVE basketball so much it's not even funny. greatest. thing. in. the. universe.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd post.

so. how we all doin? good. I recently went on a camping trip. it was a boat load of fun! bunch of friends in the middle of no where just sitting around doing nothing. perfect. and now I'm addicted to crystal light. it's the nectar of the gods I'm pretty sure. I swam in some SUPER cold water. that was..thrilling? haha. SO. funny story of the day. last night. mcdonalds. a crazy old man told us his life story. everything from crossing the line between crazy and sane to scouting for girls (affectionately referred to by him as "figures") because they got your heart pumping. he told us about how lawyers are honest thieves..girls rip your heart out and throw it away. priests are doing their job wrong because they're preaching what people want them to preach, and not what jesus wants them to talk about..or something like that. it was a special heart to heart bonding moment for sure. anywho. that's about all for now. good day reader.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

blogging virgin

SO! first blog..not by myself at the moment. me and d-on-the-rocks are sitting here running the show. he came for a surprise visit. not too shabby I must say. what should I talk about? I'm new at this whole blogging thing and as such do not know what to converse about with all you readers. first off! code names for everyone. blow torch, complicated, brother, d-on-the-rocks, d-dubs, t-ice, blair-witch-project, fire crotch, j-dubs, j-rod, rhino, and myself. hopefully I remember all those..haha.'s a story for you. recently me and brother were challenging for shot gun. as I'm sure your all aware, a challenge for shot gun entails both potential shot gunners to drop their pants and race to the car. win and it's yours. brother threatened to pee on me when I challenged shot gun last week. not cool. but one time me and d-on-the-rocks had a legit challenge race. and I lost. sad face. but..that's all for now. good day.