Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd post.

so. how we all doin? good. I recently went on a camping trip. it was a boat load of fun! bunch of friends in the middle of no where just sitting around doing nothing. perfect. and now I'm addicted to crystal light. it's the nectar of the gods I'm pretty sure. I swam in some SUPER cold water. that was..thrilling? haha. SO. funny story of the day. last night. mcdonalds. a crazy old man told us his life story. everything from crossing the line between crazy and sane to scouting for girls (affectionately referred to by him as "figures") because they got your heart pumping. he told us about how lawyers are honest thieves..girls rip your heart out and throw it away. priests are doing their job wrong because they're preaching what people want them to preach, and not what jesus wants them to talk about..or something like that. it was a special heart to heart bonding moment for sure. anywho. that's about all for now. good day reader.

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