Sunday, July 25, 2010

be there when I feed the tree.

hey there. so to be honest, life as of late has been pretty darn spectacular. my cousin's up here from vegas staying at my grandparents house..who just happened to be away for the week. gongshow? yes please. to make things better, d-dubs has been up all week, so it's been even more of a party. lots of movie watching and late nights haha. btw. inception = greatest move I've ever seen in my entire existence. SO f-ing good it's not even comprehensible. and lastnight I went to a baseball game that marky mark was able to get tickets for. met some cool new characters (one of which is a very good looking lady). it was a good time. listened to some drunk girls scream nonsense all night..almost won a crazy game..found a pair of those plastic glasses with the big nose..PLUS! it had a mustache on it. even better. and next week I'm spose to go on a date with one of my best friends in the whole world. so I'm real excited about that..and I swear I had more to write about when I started this thing..guess not. oh well. enjoy.

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