Sunday, July 4, 2010

blogging virgin

SO! first blog..not by myself at the moment. me and d-on-the-rocks are sitting here running the show. he came for a surprise visit. not too shabby I must say. what should I talk about? I'm new at this whole blogging thing and as such do not know what to converse about with all you readers. first off! code names for everyone. blow torch, complicated, brother, d-on-the-rocks, d-dubs, t-ice, blair-witch-project, fire crotch, j-dubs, j-rod, rhino, and myself. hopefully I remember all those..haha.'s a story for you. recently me and brother were challenging for shot gun. as I'm sure your all aware, a challenge for shot gun entails both potential shot gunners to drop their pants and race to the car. win and it's yours. brother threatened to pee on me when I challenged shot gun last week. not cool. but one time me and d-on-the-rocks had a legit challenge race. and I lost. sad face. but..that's all for now. good day.

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