Tuesday, July 13, 2010

come join in the last hurrah

hey y'all. I'm pretty bored right about now..and it's dang cold in my basement! holy moly. I never know what to talk about on these things..any suggestions? how about. sports. it's complete bogus lebron ends up going to the heat. this is gonna be terrible for the league. no one's gonna go to cleveland games anymore. this will cause the league to lose money. though one can't really blame him. I mean..2 or 3 winning seasons of basketball with no ring to show for it is pretty depressing. all I know is Miami will be one tough nut to crack. they're gonna dominate for sure. oh well. business is business I suppose. that's life. I..bought some new threads yesterday. pretty cool...haha. not really. hot dang though. I need to start playing more basketball. I went last week and I forgot how gosh darn amazing it is. I LOVE basketball so much it's not even funny. greatest. thing. in. the. universe.

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