Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fighting fire with fire wood.

right now, I'm sitting in my basement. listening to the foo fighters. in my boxers. and it's magical. what a good band these guys make. soooo many good songs. also. I'm done with the code names haha. there's just too many of 'em and I started forgetting who was what. so now I just won't use names at all. not that I've ever really got anyone to talk about anyways. but on another note. I'm super excited for christmas all of a sudden! I LOVE christmas. it's probably the best time of the year. and all the best games are coming out during the holiday season too. rockband 3 (one of the greatest games ever made), cod, and the new nba game. I'm gonna be wasting A LOT of time soon hahaha. also on another side note. I was recently told that a very dear friend of mine might move here! that's exciting. also. I need to start looking for a new job! and I just thought to myself that it seems really funny I'm writing all this stuff down when I'd bet no one actually reads this. but! in my defense..I'm just getting started and I don't really have anything juicy to write about yet. BUT. give it time. everything will make itself known haha. but! now I gotta bounce. it's time to clean the old room.

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