Thursday, September 30, 2010

officer of hearts.

hot dang. just got back from the rockstar uproar festival in calgary!! SO insane!! went up with a bunch of friends and it was awesome. I got to see some spectacular bands. dusturbed, avenged sevenfold, halestorm (never heard of them before this, but they're spectacular. they sound amazing live, the lead singer has an INCREDIBLE voice, and she's VERY attractive. definitely recommend these guys). this thing was so much fun. great music. free rockstars. and tons of hot babes. one even got up on stage and started taking her clothes off. pretty sketch if you ask me. also, the guy that sat beside tyler was pretty funny. "I keep sliding down this f**king mountain!". more then likely drunk hahaha. and disturbed was SO good. so was avenged sevenfold, and I'm not really even into their stuff. but still, it was a good old time. then after the show jordan announces he's gotta find a bathroom stat. we were 0 for 3 before we finally found one. and just in time too. I doubt he woulda made it much longer. and now that this thing's all said and done, I've gotta try and convince my parents to let me go to another concert in october, and utah in december..haha.

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