Thursday, October 21, 2010

black camera.

alrighty. so. anberlin is all said and done. gotta say..AMAZING show. probably the best concert I've ever been to in my life. granted, I've only been to 4. even still! SUCH a sick show. I never really listened to anberlin all that much before this. I knew a few of their more popular tunes. but now, a whole new door has been opened for me. what an amazing band. also got to see crash kings and civil twilight. crash kings were pretty good too. but from what I heard, civin twilight was a disappointment to the power of 7. oh well. I thought they sucked haha. also got to go to the new mall outside of calgary, cross iron mills. GIANT. wow. mongo size of a place. bought some new threads. had a pretty gongshow time getting to calgary too. trying to pass and stay ahead of a 60 year old speed demon on the highway and pissing off a truck driver at the same time. not an easy task, but we did it. haha. but! back to the concert. I wasn't really expecting a whole lot to be honest. but I was totally and completely blown away and impressed beyond words. I got in the mosh pit for 10 seconds and came to the conclusion that my life was worth more then groping a bunch of sweaty people. so I jumped off that train pretty fast. jayce tried croud surfing..sorta worked. went to peters after! haven't been there in FOREVER. at least 5 years. rocked the double burger (LOVED IT), peach juice (LOVED IT), and the oh so classic combination of banana and chocolate for my milkshake (too good to describe). a perfect end to an already awesome day. ended up driving home after the concert and crashing at tyler's house after a failed attempt at watching 'how to train your dragon" at 4 in the morning. so it was pretty much one of the greatest days I've ever experienced in my 17 years.

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