Saturday, October 16, 2010

we have 200 couches where you can sleep tight.

well. once again I'm left with nothing exciting, and therefore nothing to write about. though I did go to great falls this week and bought some trendy new threads. what with the no sales tax and the constant sales they have down there, it's a pretty nice place to go. plus, they have a super comfy massage chair in the mall. plus. I FINALLY found myself a new pair of jeans. not an easy task for a lad with my build. I didn't even spend $100. so a pretty successful day in my opinion. also, golden corral. enough said. automatic win. and I ran out of san pellegrino! and they stopped selling it at 7-11!! what the heck am I spose to do?! the only other place I know they sell it is wal-mart and shoppers drug mart. wal-mart only offers it in 200mL glass bottles. but I want the cans! which only shoppers can give me. but it's all the way in the middle of freaking no where for a kid that can't drive like myself. so I don't really know how I'm gonna solve this little conundrum. oh! I know what to write about. I'm going to see anberlin on monday. not very familiar with they're stuff..but a concert is a concert! should be a gooder.

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