Monday, November 22, 2010

words that define all our social gestures.

SO. I actually have some stuff to right about this time! I know, I was equally surprised. first of all, a few weeks ago. I got some weird sorta minor surgery type deal done on my big toes. had 'em frozen. roots cut out. all this is spose to stop my from getting any more ingrown nails. it's nasty business. some of them hurt so bad I think the worlds about to end. so I was laid up on the couch for a couple days, which was alright with me because I happened to get this little number done the same day black ops came out. so I always had something to do. so that was all peaches and gravy. until I went to play basketball that weekend and had my toes stepped on 84000 times. so they got infected! party, I know. so the next week I went to the foot man to see what I should do. he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics that I can't even pronounce. so now I'm spose to take 4 of these little orange pills a day. they smell like eggs and taste like garlic. THEN. it started snowing this week!!! which I would normally have an abundance of problems with. but this year I find myself welcoming it with open arms. snow means christmas! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE christmas. for real probably my favorite time of year. everything about it I love. seeing all the houses lit up at night, walking in the house and seeing a giant christmas tree all decorated in the corner. and smelling pine all throughout the house. and just the feeling and the buzz in the air. dang legit. and I made my christmas list! so now it's officially the holiday season. and I was actually having a hard time trying to come up with things this year. I pretty much already have everything I need or want as of now.. and then there's the priest laurel conference from yesterday. probably one of the funnest things I've been to in a while. it was seriously such an amazing experience too. to see that many kids in one place knowing they've all got the same standards as me was such a cool feeling. and the mini classes and whatnot that we went to were pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure I'm on a bit of a spiritual high haha. that whole thing really helped strengthen my testimony and just reinforce my knowledge and understanding of the church and it helped me realize more so then ever that the church really is such an amazing gift. I honestly don't even know where I'd be without it. I KNOW it's true, because I've had too many instances in my life to think otherwise. and I'm so thankful for a family that's been such an amazing example for me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

you passed it off as a trick of the light.

so. it's been a while since I've posted anything. mostly because I've got nothing to post. that's usually how these things turn out. though, this week I bought one of those "power balance bands". they're spose to help improve core strength and flexibility and all that jazz. and I seem to be the only person I know (other than other dan) that thinks they work. I'm pretty sure my dad thinks I'm a sucker for getting sucked in and spending $30 on it. oh well. I think it works. and if nothing else, it's fashionable I guess. and! it's getting incredibly close to christmas. I cannot wait. I'm starting to get all giddy like a little school girl. not that I AM a school girl. because I am neither a girl nor in school. but still. it's right around the gosh darn corner! december 1st, I'm gonna clean house at the dollar store and buy up all the advent calendars I can get my hands on. I'm mostly excited about christmas eve and the amount of food there's gonna be. probable enough to feed a small nation. and it's alllll mine. teeheehee..

also. the nba season is starting to shape up nicely. some close games and whatnot. I'm calling lakers/celtics in the finals again. me thinks it'll take miami a season and a half or so to really figure out what they can do. right now it sorta seems like their running on fumes and don't really have a whole lot in the tank. I guess we'll see what happens.